Scientific Validation

Regulatory authorities throughout the world are demanding more and more scientific evidence to substantiate claims and efficacy. It may sound troubling for the unprepared, but it is also an good opportunity. Scientific validation has become a point of strength for Mayor in-vivo, and we believe it will become a major business advantage in the near future.

The ingredients that go into supplements must be chosen based on their safety, efficacy, and usage in successful scientific research. Mayor in-vivo has buildĀ a research platform that rely on modern science discoveries in health and nutrition fields for our formulas and dosages, and can fast track the innovation of our partners.


Mayor in-vivo has a strong presence worldwide through a well-connected network of experts and scientific companies partnerships.

By combining our know-how with their expertise, we ensure that customers receive the most effective solutions. These partnerships also allow us to continuously upgrade our system and increase the trustworthiness of your services.

Our scientist team members participate regularly on world top level seminars, giving lectures and sharing its experience in nutraceutical and health fields.